Can I tell you what I loved about Carrie Fisher?

I can’t say that Princess Leia was a hero to me. As a little boy, Luke Skywalker was the person that I wanted to be. Leia though was one of the first women to register in my young mind. She was more courageous than any of the boys were. Can you imagine anything more badass than dressing down Darth Vader with nothing to defend you but your wit? (Han’s first response was a blaster, and Luke didn’t toss his lightsaber away until he had literally disarmed his dad.) No, Princess Leia was the most courageous person in the Star Wars trilogy. That affected me. It certainly has something to do with my impatience for demure girls. It probably had something to do with the fact that I wanted to marry my wife even more when she told me the reasons why she might NOT want to marry me. Princess Leia was a woman who stood her ground. She was formidable. And her respect had to be earned. I loved her for that.

The thing about Carrie Fisher is that she was cast to type. Inside and outside of her role in Star Wars, she really did speak truth to power. She called bullshit all the time. Even on herself! Her self-acceptance was a light that helped many people. I’m not as crushed by her loss as some of my friends are, but I will miss her voice in my life. Love live the princess!


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