Here’s how to play Doctor Who according to my children:

(1) Choose someone to be “The Doctor.” The Doctor stands on one side of the yard. The other players are “Weeping Angels,” Doctor Who’s quantum locked nemeses. They go to the other side of the yard.

(2) The goal of the game is for the Weeping Angels to touch the Doctor, but they can only move when the Doctor isn’t looking.

(3) If the Doctor turns around, the Weeping Angels have to freeze. If they continue to move – even a bit – the Doctor sends them back to the beginning.

(4) The first angel to touch the Doctor wins. She becomes the next Doctor and the game starts again.


My musical education was cursory. I am still amazed that anyone can read music. Writing music seems to me like something that wizards would do. So, you can imagine my surprise when my son took paper from my desk, drew a musical staff, and wrote a song like it was a list of groceries.